15 Minute Bathroom Cleaning Guide

Bathrooms need to be cleaned often. And unlike other rooms in your home, they cannot be just “picked up” and still be considered clean. This 15-minute bathroom cleanup allows you to maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom without spending hours scrubbing and disinfecting. This guide can offer help to teach your children the requirements of a clean bathroom without laboring all day.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 15 Minutes

Here’s How:

  1. Grab your supplies (listed below.)Having the supplies for cleaning the bathroom all together at the beginning of the job is essential to avoiding distractions. Running downstairs to grab the broom, might make you wonder if the mail has come yet. When you check the mail you decide to file some of it. A letter reminds you to call a family member. Before you know it the bathroom is the last thing on your mind.
  2. Grab all dirty clothing and put it in a hamper.Don’t worry about anything except the dirty clothes. Don’t interrupt your clothes gathering mission by throwing away trash or putting away bottles of shampoo. Only worry about the dirty clothing. Don’t bother trying to turn socks right side out or unfold pant legs. Just throw it all in the hamper or basket.
  3. Grab all trash and put in the trash can.Again focus only on the trash.
  4. Take a disinfectant wipe and wipe down the sink and tub.Our goal here is to get the sink and tub presentable. Casually wipe down the tub. You may need to spend more time on the sink. Wear disposable gloves to protect your skin and help you clean without worrying about what you touch.
  5. Using a toilet brush and toilet cleaner, briefly scrub out the inside of the toilet.Again this is not a full out scrubbing of the toilet. We are maintaining from the last time we scrubbed, or quickly getting it presentable enough for unexpected guests.
  6. Using a disinfectant wipe, wipe down the outside of the toilet.Using the wipe it won’t take long to briefly run over the outer surface of the toilet. You can quickly wipe away the most obvious dirt.
  7. Using glass cleaner or vinegar, wipe down the mirror.I like to put a little time into this task even when I’m in a hurry. Guests will probably spend the most time examining themselves in your mirror. They will inevitably notice dinginess and streaks.
  8. Pickup all the items belonging in another room.Put them in a basket, box, or bag.
  9. Return items that belong in the bathroom to their proper places. Don’t take time to reorganize the medicine or linen cabinets. Just place the items back where they belong. Leave organizing for when you have more time.
  10. Sweep or mop.Briefly sweep the floor. Worry about the main traffic area. If you have a Swiffer, Readymop, or something similar, it can take just a few seconds to mop.
  11. Put away your supplies.Don’t forget to take 3 seconds to marvel at your efficiency.


  1. Making these steps a routine maintenance for the bathroom will make each 15 minute cleanup go a lot faster.
  2. Having all your bathroom supplies for this job stored together can make the job easier. If you have to hunt all over the house for supplies, you will eat away your time and make the job much longer. Be cautious about storage of dangerous chemicals where children or pets can reach them.

What You Need:

  • A basket, bag, or box to put clutter items.
  • Broom and mop
  • A hamper
  • A trash container
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Glass Cleaner and rag
  • Toilet brush
  • Toilet Cleaner

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  1. Joe Macaluso May 12, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

    I LOVE your site. And this tip for 15 minute bathroom cleaning is awesome. I also love looking at pictures from where you live, it’s beautiful. I live in Arizona and not really my style…no color everything is brown…lol. Keep up the great work!

    • Joshua Trent May 12, 2011 at 6:40 pm #

      Well thank you very much! I spent a summer in Arizona when I was in high school. It is very brown, lol, but there were some very pretty spots. I loved watching the sunset over the Grand Canyon but they didn’t have that glass walkway built yet. Have you been on that? I think I would turn back pretty quickly, lol.

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