Beach Towel Tote

What You’ll Need:

Beach Towel (or large bath towel)

Hand Towel

Strong ribbon or webbing


Sewing Machine & Scissors

Measuring Tape


This is a simple and cute project for turning beach and bathroom towels into a great and big tote bag and mat for trips to the beach!  You’ll need one hand towel and one beach towel in coordinating colors.  The hand towel length needs to be the same as the beach towel width (although an inch off isn’t a big deal.)  My beach towel was 27″ and hand towel was 26″ and it came out just fine.

Place hand towel on bath towel at one end.  The long edge of the hand towel should line up with the short edge of the beach towel.  Pin the towels together along the edge but leave the end open as this is the opening for your bag.

Use the measuring tape to cut your strong ribbon (or webbing) into 2 25-inch sections.  Double over about an inch and a half at each end of the ribbon and pin, this helps to support the handles.  The handle should face out and the part that doubled over should not be seen.  Pin the handles onto the beach towel at the desired points.  I sewed them on 7 inches from the sides.  Repeat on hand towel side.

Sew towels together along 1 long edge of hand towel and along the sides (short side of hand towel) leaving the top open.  Sew the handles on to the towel just by making a “box” with the sewing machine.

Roll the long end of the towel up and turn the bag inside out, now it’s a bag!  Unroll when you get the beach and it’s a mat!






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  1. Debbie U says

    I saw this from Martha Stewart’s site since I was looking for anyone that makes beach bags from beach towels. I like yours since it shows step by step. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says

    Thanks for improving Martha’s project by giving step-by-step directions. They are very clear now.

  3. April says

    This makes so much more sense than Martha Stewart’s instructions. Thanks!!! All I did was read it too, because at first the pictures weren’t loading. But that was just my connection because I fixed it and I got the pictures. Thanks for making it clear! I can’t wait to make this for the kiddos!!

    • says

      Thanks! I actually found this in an old sewing project book my grandma had from the 60′s but I think I’ve seen it on too. Thanks for commenting :)


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