Two Year Anniversary


Wow, today marks the 2 year anniversary of my site and Joshua Trent Media.  I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years, how time flies by when you’re having fun! When I started this site it was really just a public recipe box because I kept accidentally throwing away my favorite recipes, so I […]

Trip to Kansas City

Last October we took a trip to Kansas City and I just found the memory card the pictures were on!  It was a really fun trip and we saw some amazing things!  The majority of the photos, though, are at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.  Their collection is so diverse and interesting I could […]

Botanical Gardens Wallpaper Pictures


I’m not the best photographer in the world but when I was at the Botanical Gardens the other day, I did manage to snap a few photos I thought were “Desktop Wallpaper” worthy. To save, click on the photo you want, right click the photo and select “Save Image As…”.  Choose the file location.  Go […]

Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion


I was able to take a tour of the Governor’s Mansion the other day and I couldn’t pass up the chance!  I’ve been there before but I’ve never had my camera with me.  Every time I get to go it’s a real treat, I love the lawn and the furnishings.  It’s just a beautiful home […]

Christmas List

I had a request or two for a copy of my Christmas list after I asked what everyone else was wanting on Twitter and Facebook.  So here’s my list.  It’s nothing major or fancy, just a few kitchen knick-knacks I’d love to either have or replace an old one. Stainless Steel Measuring Cups Revolving Cake […]

Family Reunion – Fay School

I had my annual family reunion this last weekend and I decided I would take some pictures of the school.  This is the “newest” school that was built in Fay around the 1950′s and the old gym built in the 1940′s.  The town closed the school system down in the 60′s but kept the schools […]

Fay Slideshow

When I was out at Fay last weekend I took some pictures of some of the highlights around town.  It’s really sad because Fay used to be a much larger town with a general store, drugstore, gas station, bank and all that and now there’s barely a few families left.   Fay – slideshow maker

Night of the Twisters

Wow, what a night!  It is all clear now, thank goodness, but it was pretty scary there for a minute.  Our side of town is still without power but luckily I used to work in the hotel biz and I still have a few connections so I was able to check into a 4 star […]

Rose Garden

Well I spent another day at the Rose Gardens here in Oklahoma City at Will Rogers Park.   Here are some pics. [swfobj src="" align="center"]

Starting a Blog

Well this website has been a process and the site’s first anniversary is coming up Feb 5th!  I have never spent so much time and burned so much midnight oil on one project, and had so much fun doing it.  I am so happy with how my site looks and feels and I hope you do too.  […]