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The “Essentials” page will be dedicated to showcasing and suggesting products that we just can’t live without.   If you would like to send us your product for consideration please e-mail us.  Products submitted to us are listed free of charge and are our real suggestions, we have not been monetarily compensated for them.  The only compensation we receive is getting to try out all the new stuff!

Banner Ads has grown from a personal site built to share recipes between my family members to a fully integrated web platform that shares not only recipes but home & garden ideas and articles along with family crafts and tips on entertaining.

If your business is looking for new streams to advertise through, we invite you to start with us!  We accept advertisers with rich media banners or sponsors for giveaway products.  (Sponsors of giveaways will be given free link-backs to the website of their choice and a free rich media banner ad for 1 month.)

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