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Halloween Feather Wreath

This decorative wreath made with black feather boas and orange Christmas ornaments gives a little class to your Halloween decor!

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DIY Plate Rack

What You’ll Need: 1 36 inch 5/8 square dowel 2 48 inch 5/16 round dowels 5/16 drill bit and drill Hacksaw or other fine tooth saw Wood Glue Marker or Pencil Tape Measure Hole Punch Sandpaper, fine grit Favorite Spray Paint Printed Template   1. Print the Template out and cut along the dashed lines. […]

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Clay Pot Cake Stand

What You’ll Need: 10-12 inch pot base 3-4 inch pot for stand Can of spray paint in your favorite color Clear silicon caulking Clear sealer (optional)   1. Find the middle of the base bottom and mark with a black pencil or marker. 2. Make a ring of caulk around the edge of the pot […]

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Father’s Day Origami T-Shirts

I’m posting this very last minute as I’m already late to lunch on Father’s Day.  Here are the templates, make sure you cut just inside the dotted line so you don’t get any black on your shirts. Folding instructions here. When you make these, make sure the shirt design is on the bottom part.  When […]

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Valentine’s Day Cards from Paint Swatches

Save your cash this Valentine’s Day and use those free paint swatches from the hardware store to decorate your cards!  Below are three cards we made using multiple colored paint swatches, a simple heart punch, some blank leftover cards, leftover buttons and some glue dots, that’s it!           With this one […]

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Starry Background for Christmas Village

I love collecting those little Christmas Villages but I don’t like just having my china hutch as the background so I decided to create a starry backdrop.  It’s really simple and makes your village that much more special. What You’ll Need: measuring tape 2 all-black 20 x 30 inch foam boards, should be at least […]

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Beach Towel Tote

What You’ll Need: Beach Towel (or large bath towel) Hand Towel Strong ribbon or webbing Thread Sewing Machine & Scissors Measuring Tape   This is a simple and cute project for turning beach and bathroom towels into a great and big tote bag and mat for trips to the beach!  You’ll need one hand towel […]

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Lamp Cord Cover

Every time I shop at the antique stores I always see these really nice cord covers that hide those oh so unsightly lamp cords.  Unfortunately they are always about $25 bucks or more (hey, that’s a lot when every room has at least 3-4 lamps)!  So I decided to make my own.  I’m just guessing […]

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Just Beachy Pillow Cover

  A wonderful project for a beginner, these granny squares can be stitched in any color combination to match your decor! Materials: Loops & Threads Impeccable worsted weight acrylic yarn, 1 skein Butterscotch (Michael’s stores exclusive) Red Heart Super Saver worsted weight acrylic yarn: 1 skein each Turqua, Real Teal, and Spring Green I-9 crochet […]

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Bendable Monkey

This Bendable Monkey is made with a pipe cleaners and a printable monkey body to color! A super fun monkey craft for preschoolers on up! Ages: 3 and Up Here’s what you’ll need…   • Printed BendableMonkey* • Scissors • Markers or crayons • Glue • 3 brown pipe cleaners Here’s how you make it… […]

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Easy Wall-Mount Paper Holder

This is a very simple and affordable solution to crafters who want to have their wrapping paper and ribbon readily available on a rod that hugs the wall. What you’ll need: *3 1/2 inch wood dowel rods *3 packets of tool/broom holders *box cutter or exacto knife *electric drill with a 5/32 drill bit (or […]

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