Father’s Day Origami T-Shirts


  I’m posting this very last minute as I’m already late to lunch on Father’s Day.  Here are the templates, make sure you cut just inside the dotted line so you don’t get any black on your shirts.   Folding instructions here.   When you make these, make sure the shirt design is on the […]

Starry Background for Christmas Village


I love collecting those little Christmas Villages but I don’t like just having my china hutch as the background so I decided to create a starry backdrop.  It’s really simple and makes your village that much more special. What You’ll Need: measuring tape 2 all-black 20 x 30 inch foam boards, should be at least […]

Flag Day & Independence Day Crafts


Download an American Flag. You will need Adobe Acrobat to open it. You will have two flags, one wavy and one straight edged, mirrored, so that when you cut it out you will fold it in half and have a flag to see on each side. When folded it is about 4″. You can either […]

Egg Rack


So if your eggs have ever had that dreaded runny stain look, then try this Egg Rack for a more clean look. Take a 1/2 inch piece of foam board and some pins.  Stick 4 pins into the foam, pretty close together but not so far apart that they won’t hold the eggs.  That’s it.  Pretty […]

How To Blow Out Easter Eggs


Although you may break a few eggs during this procedure, if you follow each step and handle the eggs carefully, you should be able to make enough hollow eggs for lots of Easter egg decorating. Just take things slowly and handle the eggs with care. If you do break an egg, you can still cook […]