Beach Towel Tote


What You’ll Need: Beach Towel (or large bath towel) Hand Towel Strong ribbon or webbing Thread Sewing Machine & Scissors Measuring Tape   This is a simple and cute project for turning beach and bathroom towels into a great and big tote bag and mat for trips to the beach!  You’ll need one hand towel […]

Lamp Cord Cover


Every time I shop at the antique stores I always see these really nice cord covers that hide those oh so unsightly lamp cords.  Unfortunately they are always about $25 bucks or more (hey, that’s a lot when every room has at least 3-4 lamps)!  So I decided to make my own.  I’m just guessing […]

Plush Owl Pillow


So I’m noticing when I go to antique stores and vintage shops that owls are “in” for 2012, so I thought I would share these cute little guys. So here’s what you’ll need: 2 coordinating fabrics (owl body and wings) coordinating felt (eyes and nose) batting owl body template (to ensure that both sides are equal, […]