DIY Plate Rack

What You’ll Need:

1 36 inch 5/8 square dowel

2 48 inch 5/16 round dowels

5/16 drill bit and drill

Hacksaw or other fine tooth saw

Wood Glue

Marker or Pencil

Tape Measure

Hole Punch

Sandpaper, fine grit

Favorite Spray Paint

Printed Template


1. Print the Template out and cut along the dashed lines.

2. Use your hole punch to cut out the black dots.

3. Use the template or tape to measure 2 square dowels and mark where to cut, should be 9 1/2 inches long.  Cut with hacksaw.

4. Use the template or tape to measure 14 circle dowels at 5 1/2 inches each.  Cut with hacksaw or very sharp gardening shears (I found this made a cleaner cut).

5. Lay the template down the square dowel, center and mark holes with a marker.  Repeat on other dowel.  Make sure you mark the side dowels on the correct side, they should face each other and still have the top holes up.

6. Drill holes where you marked, be careful not to go all the way through, just about 3/4 the way in.

7. Sand the dowels in any rough areas.

8. Using wood glue, fill the holes halfway and insert a rod in each hole.  Make sure to line them up straight and remove any excess glue.

9. Let sit overnight or as long as the bottle indicates.

10. Spray paint with your favorite color spray paint and let dry.



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