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Leftovers…Great! Now What?

One of the biggest challenges for home cooks is using valuable leftovers and making those budget dollars stretch!  Whether it’s a second night casserole or a dab of vegetables too small to serve, leftovers always seem to be there.  Transform those delicious tidbits into delicious meals the second (or third) time around using the following […]

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Holiday Table Settings

No matter what you dine with during the holidays, whether you break out the Waterford crystal or the leftover paper plates from last Easter, it helps to be a little organized on your place setting so you and your guests know what is what and who’s it is.   Below I have made two place […]

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Cast Iron Skillet Care

Trust me when I say: be good to your skillet and it will be good to you! I know the thought of taking care of cast iron can be a little daunting with no real “rules” out there but it’s relatively simple.  No, cast iron isn’t really good for a dishwasher only type person but […]

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Lemon Scented Sink

A great way to get rid of those odors coming from your garbage disposal is to quarter a lemon and put it down the disposal and turn it on.  The acid from the lemon will help to neutralize the odors and will give your kitchen a nice lemon scent.  Now if you have an older […]

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Pork Loin Parts

If you’re looking for a way to cut down on spending for the family meals, look no further than a pork loin.  This great LONG piece of pork from the back of the pig can be easily cut up in to 4-6 meals for around $15. Start with the fattiest, smallest end.  This is the shoulder […]

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