February Gardening To-Do List


February may well be the toughest gardening month. Thank goodness it’s short. Gardeners in warm climates don’t know what kind of weather to expect from day to day or from day to night. Gardeners in cold climates have put the holidays behind them and just want to see the sun shine again. But that doesn’t […]

October Gardening To-Do List


October is a great time to be in the garden!  Trees are barely starting to turn colors and the cooler temperatures provide some much needed relief for any lengthy garden chores! Zone 1 Finish planting container-grown trees and shrubs Plant needle-bearing evergreens early in the month If the month is dry, repeat the September soaking […]

August Gardening To-Do List


It’s almost Fall and there’s lots to do in the garden to make sure you get everything you’ll need for the fall harvest and winter. Seed a fall crop of peas and spinach and keep harvesting. There’s always something to make with zucchini. Pick herbs for fresh use and for drying. Harvesting will keep them […]

June Gardening To-Do List


June is an rewarding and busy month for the gardener, June is more about the vegetables than the flowers.  Spring stuff is going out, summer veggies are coming in and the big plants, like squash and melons are all fighting for space! Zone 1 Plant lettuce seedlings at intervals of every few weeks Prune and […]

January To-Do List


Just got my seed catalog in and I’m already dreaming of expansions and new gardens, here are a few more regional gardening tips to help you get through January.

December Gardening To-Do List


Well, as you might guess, there’s not a whole lot to do in the garden this time of year except shovel snow!  In Oklahoma it’s usually warm enough I still have vegetables growing so there’s still a few things for me to do but not too much for anyone North of here.  One thing all […]

November Garden To-Do List

Autumn Pumpkins

Most people probably don’t think there’s much to do in the garden in November but actually, this is the time to get a lot done without suffering from the summer heat!

September Garden To-Do List

Apple garden full of riped red apples

September is a busy time in the garden!  Most of us are planting fall crops and harvesting summer vegetables and it’s easy to forget what all needs done in preparation for fall and winter so hopefully this to do list will help! Zone 1 Sow wildflower seeds Water to winterize trees and shrubs Clean up […]

July Gardening To-Do List


For most of us July is way to hot to be gardening but there are still things that need to be done!  Beat the heat with a wet cloth around your neck and a hat or visor. Zone 1 Reap herbs for maximum flavor by harvesting them as the first flower buds appear Lanky annuals […]

May Gardening To-Do List


May is a frantic month in northern hemisphere gardens. Warm climates change rapidly to hot climates. Colder gardens suddenly appear out of nowhere and demand attention. You may not need a list of what to do in the garden in May, because it is staring you in the face every time you walk through your […]

April Gardening To-Do List


The sun is shining bright and all the flowers and vegetables are beginning to grow.  It’s a great time to have a garden!  Take some time to admire your hard work this month but don’t forget about those little odds and ends that need doing. SHRUBS and TREES There still is time to plant trees […]