Guest Room Drawer

These easy ideas for outfitting your guest room make hosting overnight guests a welcome experience for everyone. Outfit your guests’ quarters with a tray of niceties: an alarm clock, novels and guidebooks, and a carafe of water.  (If guests sleep on the sofa, park the tray on the coffee table at bedtime, then whisk away come morning.)

Being a good host requires some gear.  Avoid a last-minute scramble by setting up full-time homes for guest supplies such as toiletries, towels, and bedding.  Store them in their designated spots when they’re not in use, rather than mingled with your everyday items.  When the doorbell rings, you’ll be relaxed and ready, not hunting for the extra pillows.

Think like a four-star hotel and anticipate your guests’ every need.  Stock a dresser drawer with necessities and fun extras that will make them feel pampered.

1. Label the drawer with a hangtag so overnight guests know they can help themselves.

2. Shop your drugstore’s travel aisle or online for itty-bitty versions of favorite toiletries.

3. Use a drawer organizer to bring order to a jumble of small items.

4. Store washcloths and hand towels here, too, a different color for each guest to avoid multiple bathroom mixups.

5. Provide a one-time use camera so spent batteries or full memory cards don’t spoil the fun.

6. Make your own mini-bar.  Fill a basket with chocolate bars, bags of nuts or dried fruit, and other packaged treats for guests who need a snack.

(Republished from Better Homes & Gardens November 2010)

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