Holiday Table Settings

No matter what you dine with during the holidays, whether you break out the Waterford crystal or the leftover paper plates from last Easter, it helps to be a little organized on your place setting so you and your guests know what is what and who’s it is.
Below I have made two place setting diagrams, one is casual and the other formal.  Hopefully these will help you when it comes time to set the table.  You can also get the kids involved by giving them this diagram and having them set the table for you.
A few tips:

  • My family is not big on wine so we just set the wine glasses by the wine bottles and if someone would like some they can grab their glass there, which also gives you more room for serving bowls.
  • I rarely actually have the napkin on the side I just drew it over there so you could see the plates stacked, I usually put it with a napkin ring on top of the salad plate.
  • Don’t put the coffee and saucer out until the dessert course.  When you do, place the coffee cup upside down, any guests that do want coffee will instinctively turn their cup over.
  • If you don’t put the napkin on the salad plate, you can put the place card there instead.
  • I’ve always heard that you don’t put out a soup spoon unless you’re serving soup.  I typically put out spoons no matter what I’m serving because some things (cranberry sauce) are kind of hard to eat with a fork.
  • For the casual setting, the bread plate can also be used for dessert.



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