How to Clean Silver

Well this weekend was spring cleaning part 1 and one of the items on my list was tackling the silver.  So I thought I would share.

First of all, if you ever find a good piece of silver at a garage sale or antique store and it’s heavily tarnished, don’t be intimidated, it’s really pretty easy to clean up.

What You’ll Need:
Rubber gloves
silver cleaner
cotton balls and q-tips

1. Lightly wash and rince your silver to remove any dirt and dust.

2. Using a cotton ball dipped in cleaner, start rubbing your way around the silver piece.  You’ll notice the tarnish comes off pretty easy.  You’ll also notice the most horrible awful smell you’ve ever smelled in your life.  This is the chemical reaction with the silver and the polish and it will take some open windows and a can of deoderizer to get rid of it.  Just part of the process, no way around it.

3. IMPORTANT: Do not let the polish stay on the silver for more than 2 minutes.  If it is taking more than 2 mintues to clean a large piece, rince the silver thoroughly and continue with a new cotton ball.

That’s pretty much it, with some time and a big bowl of polish/cleanser you’ll eventually get done.

NOTE: Some people have asked me about using fabric softner powder and a tray with aluminum foil at the bottom and just dipping it in and it sounds so easy BUT almost every piece of silver, the silver part is really just plated on and is very thin.  This method will eventually strip the silver off so user beware.

To answer another question, yes this is my Rogers silver tea service on my china hutch.

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