New Beginnings

If you’ve been following me on social media, you know that I just graduated from college in December.  It has been a long struggle but I finally did it!  So…now what?  I’ve been on the job hunt for a few months now, after taking a little break to recharge, and I’m not having any luck.  […]

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April Cleaning & Organizing Calendar

What a busy time of year for most of us!  Kids are starting to feel that summer itch from school and the garden is beginning to come alive!  All this extra outdoor time means one thing though, DIRT!  Which is why April begins my “Spring Cleaning” ritual.  Also because it’s the first month I can […]

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March Organizing & Cleaning Calendar

It’s starting to warm up outside so there will be a few more items added to do outside so you can enjoy the beautiful weather!

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Seed Starting Vegetables in February

Starting seeds indoors will give you a head start on the growing season. Starting seed in the garden can be challenging–for the seed, that is: soil too cold or too wet are the chief obstacles to germination. For early cool-season crops try indoor seed starting this year; you can get started this month. Plants that […]

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February Gardening To-Do List

February may well be the toughest gardening month. Thank goodness it’s short. Gardeners in warm climates don’t know what kind of weather to expect from day to day or from day to night. Gardeners in cold climates have put the holidays behind them and just want to see the sun shine again. But that doesn’t […]

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February Organizing & Cleaning Calendar

February is usually still too cold outside to get much done, as far as home maintenance. It’s a very busy time in the garden however, because it’s the time of year we start to plant seeds in the greenhouse and force just a few greens and hardy plants outdoors.

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Bourbon Chuck Roast

This is an exceptionally tender way to braise chuck roast, which can be tough if cooked too fast. The bourbon and Dijon also make the gravy incredibly delicious.

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Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries

I had some amazing rosemary sweet potatoes fries at a local burger place one night and decided to try it myself. These are roasted not fried so they’re not quite as crunchy but still very tasty!

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Weeknight Chicken Pot Pie

This comforting Chicken Pot Pie has tons of flavor and is incredibly easy to throw together for the family if you’re short on time.

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January Cleaning & Organizing Calendar

Find out how to make the most of this cold month inside and out with the January Cleaning and Organizing Calendar from JoshuaTrent.com!

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Gruyère & Bacon Popovers

Turn up the volume on traditional popovers by adding Gruyère cheese and bacon!

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Silky Dark Chocolate Brownies

These silky dark chocolate brownies are so rich and moist, you better make two batches. If you can help it, they’re even better the second day so they’re also a perfect make ahead dessert!

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