Lamp Cord Cover

Every time I shop at the antique stores I always see these really nice cord covers that hide those oh so unsightly lamp cords.  Unfortunately they are always about $25 bucks or more (hey, that’s a lot when every room has at least 3-4 lamps)!  So I decided to make my own.  I’m just guessing at the dimensions here, you can change it to fit your needs.

What You Need:
2 yards of fabric
Sewing Machine


Step 1:
Measure your cord. You want your cord cover to be at least 2 times the length of the lamp cord.


Step 2:
Lay out your fabric and cut out several strips of fabric that are about 5 inches (or just big enough to allow the end of the cord to feed through, plus hem allowance) wide. My cord measured 6 feet so I cut 2 strips to make 12 feet.


Step 3:
Lay the strips together, good side facing each other and sew one end, try to match your patter because this is the middle of your cord.  Your fabric should now be twice as long as before.


Step 4:
Double over the fabric and hem the ends BEFORE you sew it in a loop.


Step 5:
Sew in half, length-wise (wrong side of fabric facing out) and reinforce hem.


Step 6:
Now all you need to do, is turn it inside out (to reveal the right side of the fabric), feed the cord through it, and you’re set with a very classy looking lamp cord! Easy as pie!


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