Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

There are plenty of gift ideas out there that will make dear old dad feel special this Father’s Day without breaking the bank.

1. While he may never stop to ask for directions, it’s likely that a GPS system would come in handy quite often.

2. A new dad might be moving into his first home. A starter 32-Piece Essentials Tool Set is available at WalMart for only $19.88.

3. If you want to include mom as well, then perhaps a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant is an option. These can be easily picked up at most retailers such as Target, WalMart, CVS or Walgreens.

4. If dad is an avid golfer, a cheap useful gift might be a new golf glove. These can be picked up at sporting goods stores for around $20. If he’s into the latest and greatest golf equipment, then perhaps a SensoGlove is what he’s after. The glove has a digital aspect that monitors your grip and swing and acts as a personal trainer. This can be picked up at for $89.00.

5. Is dad a grill master? Then how about a portable gas grill for tailgating or for your next camping trip. The Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill is available at WalMart for $59.99.

6. Dad secretly wants some grooming stuff. Grooming gifts are a great gift idea because most guys are hesitant to ask for them yet secretly want to try them. A great option is a grooming kit sampler so Dad can try a bunch of different products. If he likes it, then you know what to get him for his birthday! Here are Father’s Day grooming gifts to keep dad looking his best.

7. Put together a gift basket. We all know that the quickest way to dad’s heart is through is belly. So for many dads the gift of food is a “can’t miss” way to make his day special. You know dads tastes, so find a gift basket with all the goodies you know he likes. Here are some Father’s Day gift baskets that he won’t be able to resist. Something great to put in the basket would be a 6 month subscription to Netflix or some other service that Dad will like.

If these items are not in your budget, consider planning an afternoon barbecue at home or a family activity such as hiking, swimming or boating. Appreciating dad can be done in any number of ways and it isn’t necessary to break the bank to do so.

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