Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion

I was able to take a tour of the Governor’s Mansion the other day and I couldn’t pass up the chance!  I’ve been there before but I’ve never had my camera with me.  Every time I get to go it’s a real treat, I love the lawn and the furnishings and just the house itself.  It’s just a beautiful home and is full of little details, like most older homes, that I hope I can incorporate into my own home some day.  There are a number of buildings and features on the estate, there’s main house, the pavilion and the garage with an apartment above, and a gatehouse for security personnel.

The main house was built in 1927 for $75,000 with funds set aside by the legislature.  They also appropriated $25,000 for furnishings.  Geez I wish they were still that cheap to build!  If only I had the money I have now, but back then.  The garage and landscaping came 2 years later from another $39,000 in appropriated funds.  Built by Layton, Hicks and Forsyth, the same architects of the Oklahoma Capitol building, the mansion covers 14,000 square feet and is a Dutch-Colonial style.  Carthage limestone was used so the exterior of the Mansion would complement the Oklahoma State Capitol.  Although originally containing 19 rooms, the mansion has been reduced to 12 to fit a modern family comfortably.  The rooms include a library, parlor, dining room, grand ballroom, kitchen, sun room and five bedrooms. The governor and family live in the five rooms on the second floor. All major furnishings of the floor were donated to the Governor by Oklahomans. However, as property of the state, they will remain with the Mansion for future Governors.

Today the mansion includes a tennis court, a pool in the shape of Oklahoma, a hot tub and a large pavilion to host state dinners and other large gatherings.  The mansion is open on Wednesday afternoons, except during the summer, so if you’re every in Oklahoma City on a Wednesday you should try to take a tour.






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The Formal Entrance on the West side of the house. There is a large open lawn with several flower beds around the perimeter.

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