Pork Loin Parts

If you’re looking for a way to cut down on spending for the family meals, look no further than a pork loin.  This great LONG piece of pork from the back of the pig can be easily cut up in to 4-6 meals for around $15.

Start with the fattiest, smallest end.  This is the shoulder cut roast.   You can either leave this as a roast, or cube it up into stew meat.

The middle is either a very tender roast again, or excellent pork chops.  You can usually get 6-8 1 inch thick chops from the middle.

The other end is the loin roast.  It’s a prized possession so I would leave it as is and just roast it.  My drawing is very crude but I couldn’t find a diagram I liked that showed where to cut.

I use my Food Saver so I can safely freeze everything until needed.  I also like to individually wrap the chops so I can grab as many as needed without having to thaw all of them.

EXTRA ADVICE: When cooking your roast, always leave the fatty side UP so all the fat drips down and adds flavor.


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