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Cast Iron Skillet Care

Trust me when I say: be good to your skillet and it will be good to you! I know the thought of taking care of cast iron can be a little daunting with no real “rules” out there but it’s relatively simple.  No, cast iron isn’t really good for a dishwasher only type person but […]

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How to Clean Silver

Well this weekend was spring cleaning part 1 and one of the items on my list was tackling the silver.  So I thought I would share. First of all, if you ever find a good piece of silver at a garage sale or antique store and it’s heavily tarnished, don’t be intimidated, it’s really pretty […]

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Basic Household Cleaning Guide

Basic Cleaning Supplies: It’s nearly impossible to make a universal cleaning supply list that fits every home. Every family and home is different, making their cleaning needs also unique. Instead of a list of every cleaning tool and cleanser on the market, our basic cleaning supply list is broken down in to 6 categories of […]

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