Father’s Day Greeting Card


Even if the dad in your house isn’t a shirt-and-tie kind of guy, he’s sure to love this stylish Father’s Day card. Materials  Decorative scrapbook paper Glue Scissor Instructions To make one, first cut a 4- by 12-inch rectangle from a piece of decorative scrapbook paper and fold it in half to create a […]

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas


There are plenty of gift ideas out there that will make dear old dad feel special this Father’s Day without breaking the bank. 1. While he may never stop to ask for directions, it’s likely that a GPS system would come in handy quite often. 2. A new dad might be moving into his first […]

Flag Day & Independence Day Crafts


Download an American Flag. You will need Adobe Acrobat to open it. You will have two flags, one wavy and one straight edged, mirrored, so that when you cut it out you will fold it in half and have a flag to see on each side. When folded it is about 4″. You can either […]