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June Gardening To-Do List

June is an rewarding and busy month for the gardener, June is more about the vegetables than the flowers.  Spring stuff is going out, summer veggies are coming in and the big plants, like squash and melons are all fighting for space! Zone 1 Plant lettuce seedlings at intervals of every few weeks Prune and […]

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March Gardening To-Do List

March is a busy time in the garden, the temptation to go ahead and begin planting all my vegetables is eating at me but I know I’ll be sorry if I do!  There are lots of things to finish up in the greenhouse like hardening up your seedlings and tending to your rose bushes so […]

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May Gardening To-Do List

May is a frantic month in northern hemisphere gardens. Warm climates change rapidly to hot climates. Colder gardens suddenly appear out of nowhere and demand attention. You may not need a list of what to do in the garden in May, because it is staring you in the face every time you walk through your […]

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April Gardening To-Do List

The sun is shining bright and all the flowers and vegetables are beginning to grow.  It’s a great time to have a garden!  Take some time to admire your hard work this month but don’t forget about those little odds and ends that need doing. SHRUBS and TREES There still is time to plant trees […]

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